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SmarterWX Locate Ideas

Welcome to SmarterWX Locate Ideas, an interactive forum where SmarterWX users can suggest, discuss, and vote on product enhancement ideas. Feedback is a big part of how we work to improve SmarterWX. Your suggestions help us decide what improvements we make and which new features to investigate further.



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Semi-automatic auto-renew function

We would like there to be an option where you can enable a Semi-automatic auto renew function on an enquiry. By being semi-automatic, an email would be sent to the user first prompting them that the enquiry is due to expire and that they need to a...
Nick Miller 3 months ago in  1

DWF file viewer

Support viewing DWF files in the product directly so users don't need to rely on workarounds, e.g. download DWF file, open in third party software, convert file and re-upload. The Combined PDF download option should perform an automatic conversion...
Justin McKinlay 10 months ago in  2 Planned

Downloading File using Web Request

Updated Generate Combined PDF and ZIP file by sending one HTTP request rather 3 seprates HTTP request. soultion could be keep connection alive untill file is ready to download
Davood Kazemi 10 months ago in  3

Create multiple enquiries in bulk

Support creation of multiple enquiries by accepting a shape file containing multiple enquiry polygons. Allow users to fill the create enquiry form once, then lodge multiple enquiries as a bulk action. This benefits users who already have their pro...
Justin McKinlay 10 months ago in  1 Planned

Publish combined PDF/ZIP to external file store

Many users download a combined PDF/ZIP once all responses are received and manually upload to a file store location. Consider a feature to automate this step to have SmarterWX Locate publish fulfilled enquiry responses to a third-party external fi...
Justin McKinlay 10 months ago in  0

Add privilidge for Managers to prevent auto-renew being enabled for enquiries

We have to submit all enquiries through the pelican corp API so there is a charge associated with each enquiry we lodge from SmarterWX Locate. We found that its too easy for users to turn on the auto-renew function for enquiries. This has resulted...
Nick Miller 3 months ago in  1

New role for viewers

I think it's better to have another role category for the viewers who don't have the authority to create new inquiries but can access them.
Niluka Munasinghe 10 months ago in  3

Multi-enquiry download

Download multiple enquiries at the same time.
Jeffrey Ramos 10 months ago in  1

Add a live service from Supersoniq's Digital Asset to SmarterWX Locate mobile app.

Supersoniq's Digital Asset web services provides real time alerts to any physical threats to linear assets in cities based on existing fibre optic cables in proximity to those other assets. Perhaps we could add their map service into the SmarterWX...
Nick Miller 9 months ago in  1

Pregenerate combined PDF/ZIP for faster download

Consider pre-generating combined PDF/ZIP files and store them once all responses are received. This would mean no need to wait for the file to generate, just make a request to download a pre-generated file.
Davood Kazemi 10 months ago in  1 Planned